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About Us

We provide a welcoming, confidential, safe place for all, including: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Straight Allies, Transgender, and those questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity.

We exist to support those dealing with issues of sexuality and gender, promote equality through example and education, and strive to prevent discrimination in our lives, on campus, and throughout the community. 

We invite all students, faculty, and members of our community to join us. We make no assumption about a person’s sexuality in our organization, because it should be a safe place to celebrate all diversity.

Our goals are to Support members of the LGBTQ+ community, Advocate for equality, Fundraise to help GSA grow and achieve our goals, and Educate people about the LGBTQ+ community and the issues that face it.

What does GSA do?

We plan fun and informative events for the APSU and Clarksville communities!

We are active participants in APSU activities and traditions!

Our meetings are open to everybody, as long as everyone is respectful to our members and helps us maintain a safe space for all.

Meetings can consist of event planning, discussion of current events, education about LGBTQ+ identities or issues, and time for members to talk about anything they want to discuss.

Maintaining a "Safe Space" is very important to GSA, and that means following a few guidelines:

  • Respecting all identities
  • Using a person's preferred pronouns at all times
  • Keeping all discussions civil and friendly
  • Avoiding the use of slurs
  • Respecting our religious and political differences
  • Never revealing personal details about someone without their permission, or "outing" someone

Questions? Contact us!